Master The Art Of E-commerce And Sport Trading in 5 Minutes : Free Tutorial

Master The Art Of E-commerce And Sport Trading in 5 Minutes : Free Tutorial

We all know that Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa.

We also know that almost the entire population of this country rely on foreign goods.

This is as a result of our industrial inadequacies – the government has turned a blind eye on industrialization, and private owners of industries have the burden of providing literally everything for their organizations, from security to electricity and raw materials.

A development that has seen many industries liquidate within months of their inception.

While some lazy members of the public seat on their asses everyday and blame the government for not providing employment opportunities for them, the brilliant ones are creating opportunities of their own.

You see, an average Nigerian relies about 80% on products manufactured and imported into the country from China. These products range from mobile phones to computers, fashion accessories, toiletries, household appliances etc…

The importers of these products make a ton of money on a daily basis, and the users just don’t care about how the hell these products get into the country, all they care about is using them.

When the word importation is mentioned, what comes to mind is – Chinese Visa, Big Ships, Customs Clearance, Warehouse, Millions of Naira as start up capital.


Importation myth

Well, that used to be the case in the past, but not anymore.

Things are a lot more simplified now.

Have a look.

At the comfort of your home.

What if I told you that there is a way anyone in Nigeria with a mobile phone can import a ton of computers, accessories, household appliances, fashion items (Watches, Human hair, handbags, etc…) from countires like the United Kingdom, United States, China and Korea to Nigeria within 48hrs (2 days) and have them delivered to his/her doorstep without making a single phone call? Sell This Items For a 200+% Profit Weekly?

People like myself buy items for as low as N150 from these countries and sell them for upto N45,000 in Nigeria.. Imagine buying 100 pieces of an item for N150 each, that is N15,000 and selling them at N5,000 a piece?

That will be N500,000  and N485,000 in pure profit, all in a matter of days.

Don’t believe? Then take a look at the following item:

This is a car tracker

It is sold for 65 yuan in china, which is about N3,770 Naira (1 yuan is currently N58 Naira).

However, here in Nigeria, it is being sold at a whooping N40,000 — N60,000.


Take a look at the shoe below.

It is sold for 59 yuan in China, which is N3,422 Naira

But take a look at its price in Nigeria

All this you can do without

Calling any supplier

No currency conversion and exchange rate wahala

No large importation fees

No custom clearance Wahala

All you have to do is, pick your preferred items from a portal I will show you, send a Whatsapp message (to trusted agents in China whom I will introduce you to), pay in Naira and receive your items at their Lagos office or have them sent to your doorstep, anywhere in the country – even if you stay in Sambisa forest.

These agents will do the negotiation on your behalf, confirm the products quality, package them, send them to their Nigerian office and contact you to pick them up or send them to your location – whichever way you prefer.

Enough of the talking.

Here is a sneak peek into what you will learn.

I will like to know how many persons are partaking in this free tutorial, and have created a group where everyone can contact me in person should they have any questions.

The group is Titled Smart Traders Club.

In the group, I will be introducing everyone to hidden money making avenues which I personal use to rack in good sums of money on a daily basis.

Read MY STORY and follow the steps outlined there to become a member.


To Your Success

Peter Obi

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