How To Make The Herbal Fertility Tonic herbal tonic

This short guide will reveal the specific herbs that have been blended together to make a delicious herbal tonic that has helped many barren women to bear children naturally without IVF. It will also show you where to get these ingredients here in Nigeria.

Hi, I am a mother of TRIPLETS. Let me tell you my secret.


When I got married at a young age, everyone expected I will conceive and bear children almost immediately, my husband was 29 at the time, and we were a young couple. The wedding was fun, I remember like it was yesterday. Members of our families from all corners of the country and abroad were present to witness it, because it happened during the festive season, December 28 precisely.
It was really memorable. After the wedding, we went on our honey moon in Calabar for 3 months. Before going, we already planned on the name we will give to our first child, if it was a boy we planned to name him Victor and if it was a girl, we planned to name her Anna.
After the first month of our honey moon, I did a pregnancy test and the result was negative. We laughed over it and decided to try again, the second month passed and I still saw my menses. We overlooked it, thinking it’s just 2 months.

On the night where we were to end our honey moon and travel back to Abuja, I saw my menses again. This was already 3 months of trying; we said maybe it’s God’s will that we shouldn’t bear children at that time. We decided to wait for God’s time.
That was how we continued trying for 3 years in 2010, yet nothing. We got worried, our parents were calling once in a while to know how we are faring, and their calls always ended with “have you belle full?”
Whenever I fall sick, they will ask if it is the real sickness or the other one. Everybody expected me to be pregnant after 3 years. My father inlaw suggested that we should not leave it to chance, we should visit a fertility clinic to be sure that all is alright. My husband refused, saying that we were too young for that.
After 5 years of marriage in 2012, my menses ceased completely and I stopped seeing it. I was just 30 years old, we thought I was pregnant but after testing for 2 straight months, the tests were negative. We were confused, how can my menses cease for 2 months when I am not pregnant?
It was at this time that we decided to see a doctor. The doctor said we should do a fertility profile test, which we did. The result showed that I had hormonal imbalance, multiple fibroids and a blocked fallopian tube while my husband had low sperm count and motility which was caused by low testosterone levels. We both had staphylococcus aureus which needed to be treated.
 The doctor put us on injections, we took injections for infection every day for 1 week and countless drugs. I was taking drugs like food, every morning afternoon and night and I hated drugs. My husband as well.
After the 7 days injections, my husband was put on another injection to replace his testosterones, this injection was to be taken every 2 weeks. We spent a total of N367,000 for this treatment.
 After the treatment, the doctor said we should do another test, which we did. The test results showed that I still had hormonal imbalance, fibroids and a blocked tube although the staphylococcus was reduced to a point where it could no longer affect my fertility.
 My husband sperm improved a little after 3 months but it was still low. The doctor advised that my husband continued taking supplements to boost his sperm while I undergo a surgery to remove the fibroids and unblock my tubes. Everything was to cost us another N1.2 Million, money we did not have. We were left frustrated and hopeless. We decided to give up trying to bear children and focus on our jobs, and when we had enough money, we will either go for IVF or adopt children.
On one faithful morning, I received a call from my mother, she told me that my grandmother wanted to see me in the village; she had something to tell me. I asked her if she had any idea what my grandmother wanted to tell me but she said she does not have an idea and advised me to make out time to visit my grand mother because she sounded very serious.
 I took a leave from work and went to the village, my grand mother told me she heard I am having difficulty conceiving a child and she wanted to take me to her friend a local traditionalist who could help me, I was skeptical at first but decided to give it a try since I had nothing to lose.
When we got to the woman’s place, she touched certain areas in my abdomen and asked me how I felt, I explained everything to her and she offered me some herbs to take, she told me how to prepare and take them. Some of the herbs were sourced from the Northern part of Nigeria, in places like Birnin Kebbi, Potiskum and Gusau while the rest were found in the East.
When I travelled back and showed my husband what I received from the village, he was skeptical and asked me not to take them but I really wanted to try them so I called his mum to plead with him. After much pleading he allowed me.
 To my surprise, after taking the herbs for a month, I started seeing my menses. I was full of joy but on the second month, the menses stopped again. When the menses stopped, my husband laughed at me, saying he told me not to take the herbal tonic but I was stubborn and see how it turned out. But, I started feeling different this time, I slept earlier than usual and always woke up late. I noticed that was not normal with me, so I decided to visit a lab near our house to do a malaria test.
After taking my blood sample and running the malaria test the lab woman told me I tested positive for pregnancy and not malaria. I didn’t believe her and decided to do a pregnancy test at home, and to my surprise the result was positive!!
God! had answered my prayers at last.
My joy is immeasurable; God has finally put my enemies to shame. I have taken it upon myself to share the list of herbs I used with everyone reading this and searching for the fruit of the womb, I will also show you how to prepare and take them, so you do not continue wasting money on drugs that don’t work. Money that is not even available nowadays.

Ingredients Needed For The Fertility Herbal Tonic, How To Get Them In Nigeria & Why They Are Needed.


fertility ingredients

Banana. The sweat yellow fruit is a fertility superfood. banana is packed with iron, folate, and zinc, three minerals that are essential to any woman trying to get pregnant.

Logiscum Wallichi

Logiscum Wallichi can be found in Baguda, Kebbi State is full of vitamin B6, which helps regulate hormone production and the regularisation of menstrual and ovulation cycles – something that’s very important when trying to conceive. Scroll down to see how you can get all the ingredients here in Nigeria.

Radix Colla Corii

Radix Colla Corri are loaded with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which help Treat both female and male fertility. Shrink fibroids, ovarian cysts and blocked fallopian tubes.

Angelica Sinensis

Adding Angelica Sinensis helps maintain a pH that promotes v#gin#l health, which is essential for fertility.

Radix Ginseng

Although zinc in the Radix Ginseng is very important for female fertility they are better known for their ability to improve male potency.

Natural Inositol

Natural inositol is thought to provide many medical benefits for women. Many women around the world take natural inositol in order to treat their fertility and to aid a healthy pregnancy.

With taking this tonic consistently you boost your chances of being a joyful mother of children within the next 12 months.

Getting these herbs is difficult since they cannot be found in the same location However, i have sourced for them and prepared them into an easy to take fertility pack which are to be taken together for best results.

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