How To Make The Herbal Fertility Tonic herbal tonic

This short guide will reveal the specific herbs that have been blended together to make a delicious herbal tonic that has helped many barren women to bear children naturally without IVF. It will also show you where to get these ingredients here in Nigeria.

My name is Chidogo Nwachukwu and I am a mother of TRIPLETS. Let me tell you my secret.

Like i said earlier, i was married for 12 years without a child until my GrandMa showed me the way it was done in their time when they had no hospitals charging huge amounts for surgeries and drugs. 

Ingredients Needed For The Fertility Herbal Tonic, How To Get Them In Nigeria & Why They Are Needed.


fertility ingredients

Banana. The sweat yellow fruit is a fertility superfood. banana is packed with iron, folate, and zinc, three minerals that are essential to any woman trying to get pregnant.

Logiscum Wallichi

Logiscum Wallichi can be found in Baguda, Kebbi State is full of vitamin B6, which helps regulate hormone production and the regularisation of menstrual and ovulation cycles – something that’s very important when trying to conceive. Scroll down to see how you can get all the ingredients here in Nigeria.

Radix Colla Corii

Radix Colla Corri are loaded with natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, which help Treat both female and male fertility. Shrink fibroids, ovarian cysts and blocked fallopian tubes.

Angelica Sinensis

Adding Angelica Sinensis helps maintain a pH that promotes v#gin#l health, which is essential for fertility.

Radix Ginseng

Although zinc in the Radix Ginseng is very important for female fertility they are better known for their ability to improve male potency.

Natural Inositol

Natural inositol is thought to provide many medical benefits for women. Many women around the world take natural inositol in order to treat their fertility and to aid a healthy pregnancy.

With taking this tonic consistently you boost your chances of being a joyful mother of children within the next 12 months.

Getting these herbs is difficult since they cannot be found in the same location However, i have sourced for them and prepared them into an easy to take fertility pack which are to be taken together for best results.

mytime 3 in 1 fertility booster tea

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