Our global organic medications have changed lives across the world; we wouldn’t have been able to achieve this feet on our own.

We at appreciate each and everyone who have helped spread the word of our life changing medications to all the corners of Africa – your words have put smiles on the faces of many who had been condemned to have hopeless medical conditions. – Our Asian remedies are changing the lives of patients with conditions ranging from barrenness, to Fibroids, blocked fallopian tubes, irregular menstruation, mouth odour, arthritis, high blood sugar etc… These people wouldn’t have had the privilege of knowing about our medications without you.

To show our appreciation to all our customers effort to refer people to us, because we understand that more percentage of our customers get to know us by being referred by other satisfied customers. We have therefore implemented a referral program in terms of reward to show our appreciation to our customers who refer others to us.


Anyone interested in earning money in 2021 by referring people to get our medications can get started by filling the registration form below.

HOW MUCH DO I MAKE PER PRODUCT has 3 major medications, and each medication has its own commission amount, as follows.


Commission Amount

Details/Testimony Link

MyTime 3 in 1 Fertility Booster Pack

₦6,000 Per Sale

Female Plan:

Male Plan:

Mouth Odour Treatment

₦2,000 For 2 weeks Treatment


₦4,000 for 3 Weeks full Treatment

Blood Sugar Reduction Medication

₦6,000 for 90 days treatment plan


₦4,000 for 60 days treatment plan


The individual with the highest referral per week gets a ₦10,000 weekly bonus, while the highest referral for the months gets a ₦50,000 monthly bonus.


After registration, you will receive a confirmation Whatsapp message or SMS from our customer service rep in your country. Receiving this message means your registration has been completed successfully.

We have made the referral program easy for everyone, all you have to do is spread the word about our medications with family and friends. Forward the name of any interested person to us – you can equally share the product link to them, and once they place an order and receive the medications – we credit your bank account with your commission.

Note that buying from MyLesner is safe, they won’t have to pay until the medication is delivered to them.

For more information you can start a live chat by clicking on the blue icon at the bottom of your screen.