Stretch Marks Can Be Erased Naturally With An Ancient Malaysian Formula!

See How I Erased My Stretch Marks With An Ancient Malaysian Formula That Many Nigerians Do Not Know About…

Hi, my name is Mercy

In 2007, i had just been admitted into the university to study theater art…  I was so proud, have always wanted to study theater arts and hopefully become a nollywood star. I wanted to look sexier and more attractive.

Except there was this one little problem…or should I say one BIG, ugly, problem…

I Had Stretch Marks!

These were nasty looking stretch marks.

Which means I can’t fully express myself or wear my favorite strapless little black dress. 

They started on my hips but I remember wishing/hoping/begging/pleading/praying with all my might they wouldn’t go onto my stomach or the back of my legs.


These two areas were my biggest fear for obvious reasons – if they made their way onto my stomach then the middle of my body would be covered and I won’t be able to wear short T-shirts.

If I got them on my legs (the back of the knees specifically because that is common) I wouldn’t be able to wear my favourite gowns or shorts because I could not stand watching people look at me.

I said to myself, “i would hide them and if that meant never showing my legs again, then that would be my fate”.

I can clearly remember the day I saw a mark on the back of my legs. I was about 18 years old and my mum had just bought me a nice gown. I put it on again and as I was admiring the back of my amazing gown, I noticed something!……  I had a little stretchie at the back of my knee.

I cried and cried my heart was broken. When I finally pulled myself back together I went straight back to the shop she bought it and returned it. And that was the last day I put a mini gown onto my body until I turned 27.

Besides walking around in long gowns and trousers in hot weather and sweating because I couldn’t wear anything that will expose my body to breeze. The stretch marks really affected my intimacy. I watched as the love of my life Toyin, whom I couldn’t afford to loss suddenly started to admire other women with smoother skins and complexions. And I knew immediately that it was only a matter of time before he losses interest in me and my rough zebra body.  

When we tried getting intimate, I got scared. I didn’t want him to see or feel them and it’s pretty hard to get into the moment when you don’t want to be seen or felt and that made me really bad in bed.

When I was 26, decided I couldn’t bear this anymore, I wanted a solution.

I searched the internet for a solution, and came across a lot of stretch mark creams. I bought one called Cocoa butter, but after using it for 3 months I could not see any results.

After trying cocoa butter to no avail, a friend of mine introduced me to another one called Pasjel, I quickly bought it and tried it as well for 3 months, but still couldn’t notice any changes.

I felt really depressed at this moment because I had spent over 150,000 Naira but none of the solutions I bought could fade away my stretch marks.

Then the worst thing happened, I stumbled on a blog post that said stretch marks cannot be treated, it talked about how they are internal injuries and no cream or lotion can treat them.

But as a Christian, I believed in miracles. I believed no condition is untreatable, because I have seen situations where people who were born blind had their sight restored, cripples walk etc… so I didn’t loss hope.


Luckily for me, an old friend of mine sent me a product image. It was a traditional Malaysian Medicine,  according to her that product was the only thing that worked well for her mum and much older sister’s stretch mark.

best stretch mark cream in nigeria

She got the Traditional Malaysian Medicine (TMM) product in a TMM pharmaceutical herbal store while on a business trip to Malaysia. She tried getting some more (so her mum could complete the recommended therapy) but couldn’t locate the store the next time she travelled.

I was desperate for results…if it worked for her mum and sister; it should work for me too right?

So I swung into action.

Because I had tried everything, i was really skeptical.

I didn’t just want to raise my hope for nothing

So, on her next trip to Malaysia, i went with her with the product package determined to find the source….and that was how i met Dr. Darma….a Traditional beauty Therapist who uses ancient Malaysian herbs to eliminate the root cause of stretch marks, dark spots, scars, acne and other skin conditions.

Dr Darma explained the root cause of stretch marks to me, and told me the story of how she has discovered a rare plant called CENTALLA ASIATICA in Malaysia, saying the plant is capable of curing almost every single skin condition.


She said the people of Malaysia and China call it “the fountain of life” and have been using it to remove stretch marks, scars, dark spots, acne and other skin related conditions for thousands of years and believe it can even make an individual to look many years younger than they truly are.

She introduced me to a serum she has made, which she calls “the smooth skin repair”

best stretchmark cream in Nigeria

It has been approved by doctors in Europe, America, Asia and Africa as the best treatment for stretch marks, scars, acne, eczema’s, cream reactions and other skin related problems.

The cream contains:

CENTELLA ASIATICA: A rare Asian plant which promotes cell growth in affected skin areas, accelerates skin healing amongst other things to help eliminate stretch marks and other skin conditions.

SQUALANE: An element found in sharks that helps repair skins and protects the skin from future issues, because most people use lasers to treat their stretch marks only for the stretch marks to appear again after some time, so the presence of Squalane in this cream protects your skin from future stretch marks.

ALLANTOIN AND GLYCERIN: They serve to moisturize the skin and accelerate healing.

I bought the complete treatment which last 8 weeks and to my surprise, after finishing the treatment my stretch marks were gone!

NO PILLS, NO PAIN, NO LINES, everything is completely gone.

I can now wear any cloth of my choice

I can now walk out to any location with confidence

I can now let my hubby see and touch every part of my body

I can’t stop loving my new self, it is a miracle – only God can bless Dr. Darma for what she has done in my life.

I told a couple of friends about the Malaysian wonder cream and they too were interested so i contacted Dr. Darma and got some for them, and this is what they had to say


“Thanks dear, i have been using the Malaysian skin repair cream for about two weeks now, and the area I have used it on has changed drastically! I have used all different kinds of stretch mark products, but all of them disappointed me. I am very happy and pleased with this product! I highly recommend this product!”*
Fashion Designer
“I developed stretch marks when I got pregnant and then I lost about almost 100 pounds in a year so I had really dark purple deep marks that I could not get rid of with any product! I thought about laser surgery but was quoted at N350,000 Naira per treatment. I did more research and I came across this product which I received great reviews so I decided to give it a try. It has been 3 weeks and I love it so far! I can totally tell a difference with my stretch marks they have definitely lightened. I can’t wait to keep watching them disappear!” Thanks Dearie
"I was excited to lose weight, but I wasn't excited about the stretch marks I gained. I was discouraged. I was frustrated. I still didn't feel beautiful, despite my slim waistline. But, all that has changed! I found this Malaysian stretch mark cream through a Facebook ad and ordered it on a whim. That was two months ago and I am now stretch mark free!"
IT Consultant
"Our bodies change as we enter the young adult years, and that's exactly when I noticed stretch marks for the first time. I finally decided to try the Malaysian stretch mark serum and — WOW! I will continue to use it from now on. My stretch marks have basically disappeared and skin is so soft and smooth. I feel great in a bikini for the first time in years, I have much more confidence and I just love telling others about the results the Malaysian formula gave me."
"Some of my buddies had gotten red marks across their chest and arms from weight lifting, which I wanted to avoid. One of my friends recommended I try The Malaysian formula. Ladies Strechmark cream, for me? A 26 year old guy? I was definitely skeptic. But I've used the cream since then and haven't seen one stretch mark! At first I was embarrassed to say I was using a ladies cream as a guy, but now I tell all my friends to try it!"
Gym Instructor

If you are reading this right now and you have stretch marks or any skin related condition then count yourself blessed because today is your lucky day.

I asked Dr. Darma to send me 100 packs of her cream but she refused saying that she cannot produce 100 packs because the ingredients are hard to get, so she made 15 packs and sent them to me 

I know very soon, some bad Nigerian’s will see this and start creating fake versions, but Dr. Darma knew of this and marked her’s with an original seal that cannot be forged.

best stretchmark cream in Nigeria

If you will like to have a smooth skin that is free from stretch marks, then this is for you. It worked for me after several years of trying other products and I believe it will work for you as well.

The cost of buying and importing 1 of these from Malaysia to Nigeria is  N28,000, but I know many people reading this cannot afford that amount, so I will like to give them away for free.

However, they are only 15 available.

So rather than give them to some people and leave others out, I will like to be fair.

I will be leaving the price at token of N12,000

The fastest 15 people to place their orders will get theirs delivered to them, while they pay after delivery.

How Does It Work?

Using the smooth skin repair formula is very easy.

Simply unlock the cream’s tight seal, and gently apply it “3 times daily” to the affected areas after bathing for best result.

Think about it…

…Imagine waking up, catching your reflection in the mirror…and being overwhelmed with a sense of awe for how utterly stunning you look… without a speck of blemish on your radiant body. Finally free from tedious makeup rituals, able to step out the door with next to nothing on your body….feeling supremely confident.

…Imagine how assured you’ll feel, knowing your true, authentic beauty is shining through.

…Imagine the attention you’re going to receive from men and women alike – who are magnetized by your blissful, serene goddess-like beauty. They can’t turn away! You’re that naturally gorgeous.

…Imagine you looking like you never even had stretch marks before.

…Imagine you getting back your confidence because you can wear the sexy clothes you’ve always wanted to wear.

…Imagine you are able to go to the beach without ever worrying about those ugly stretch marks again!

…Imagine you can remove any kinds of stretch marks in as little as 14 -21 days! Whether they’re on your arms, stomach, legs, or breasts.

…Imagine you can easily removing stretch marks from giving birth, weight loss, weight gained, or whatever the reason!

…It doesn’t matter if you’re light-skinned, dark-skinned, or in-between…nor does it matter how old you are or whether you’re a woman or a man—you can erase stretch marks!

…Imagine you’re with your partner, feeling safe and secure in undressing now that you’ve erased those awful stretch marks for good! Won’t that feel great? You bet it will!

Now STOP Imagining… and Start Living It.

I wish you a Pain-Free & Healthy Life.

Your Friend, Mercy

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